A proposal of a Spanish classification on images of child pornography

Alejandra Pascual, Andrea Giménez - Salinas from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Carlos Igual from Dirección General Guardia Civil (España)


Nowadays, the interchange of child pornography material has grown considerably due to the increase of diffusion, production and interchange opportunities provided by Internet. Police investigations face significant challenges such as the big amount of child pornography cases detected annually and the identification of consumer profiles that may drive from child pornography to a real child sexual abuse. The goal of this research is to improve police efficacy in child pornography investigations with the establishment of a national scale of images and videos according to their content. For that purpose, we have revised a sample of 4.116 photographs and 400 videos identified among police investigations of Unit of Judicial Police of Guardia Civil from 2008 to 2013. This article presents the national scale and the more prevalent levels in the samples analysed. Additionally, the sex, age and ethnicity of images most consumed are presented. Finally, the scale has been evaluated by means of an inter-judge agreement.


Child pornography scale, Child sexual abuse.

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